New Literary Internship with UniVerse of Poetry

universebannerWe are thrilled to announce an internship opportunity with our partner organization, UniVerse of Poetry.  UniVerse is a non-profit organization and online anthology of international poetry, located at, encouraging compassion, dialogue and peace.  UniVerse works in partnership with WBEZ, the United Nations’ Society of Writers, Northwestern’s Poetry and Poetics Colloquium, and other organizations to host free public programs and to archive poetry in translation.  The UniVerse anthology aims to feature poetry from every nation in the world, regardless of territory, and to encompass the myriad definitions and traditions that shape this written and oral art form. UniVerse interns will work under the direction of UniVerse editor, Rachel Webster, to make contact with international poets and translators and to develop partnerships with local and international literary resources.  They will practice correspondence and editing skills and may also help facilitate public readings and media projects.  Special opportunities are available for students interested in poetry in translation and poetry and new media.

Don’t forget to explore our event archives at UniVerse of Poetry and Chicago Amplified.

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