April 15, 2013: Gayle Rogers Workshop

The Futures of Poetics and the Workshop in Comparative Modernisms present a discussion with Gayle Rogers (PhD, Northwestern) on his recent work, “Modernismo and the Languages of Comparative Modernist Studies,” with response from Allen Young (PhD, Berkeley). 

Monday, April 15th, 2013
Crowe 1-135
3:00 pm

Gayle Rogers is assistant professor of English at University of Pittsburgh. He works primarily on global modernisms, literary history, translation theory, comparative literature, and periodicals. His book Modernism and the New Spain: Britain, Cosmopolitan Europe, and Literary History (Oxford University Press, 2012) reconstructs an expansive archive of translations, reviews, correspondence, and commentaries among Anglo-American, Irish, Spanish, and Latin American writers between the two World Wars. His new book project, Between Literary Histories: Translation, Bilingualism, and Modernist World Literature, situates American and Spanish modernisms within a history of literatures that have emerged from Anglophone/Hispanophone language contact, from the birth of modern Spanish literary studies at Columbia in the 1910s to the “translation” of Don Quixote into Spanglish in 2002.   

Allen Young is a visiting professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. He came to Northwestern from UC Berkeley, where he earned a PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures. His research centers on twentieth-century Spanish, Cuban and Catalan poetry and prose. At present he is working on a book project entitled “Baroque Poetics and the Logic of Hispanic Exceptionalism,” which studies how critics and writers invoke seventeenth-century aesthetics to make sense of Spain and Latin America’s place in the modern world. Upcoming projects examine early Spanish film, Latin American hybridity theory, and the “gauche divine” of 1960s Barcelona. This year he is teaching courses on twentieth-century literature and culture from both sides of the Atlantic.

For pre-circulated readings, contact: alanna.hickey@u.northwestern.edu

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